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  1. What is Club Cinepolis?
    • a. Club Cinepolis is Cinepolis customer loyalty program
  2. What happens in Club Cinepolis?
    • a. In Club Cinepolis, we reward our loyal customers with various offers and pro motions from time to time.
  3. What does a customer need to do to become a Club Cinepolis member?
    • a. Customers need to register for Club Cinepolis at the CineCare desk
    • b. Customers will need to provide a few personal details and their mobile phone numbers to become a Club Cinepolis member
    • c. Customers may additionally get a card upon registration
  4. Is there any joining fee?
    • a. The membership to Club Cinepolis is absolutely free. There is no joining fee.
  5. What kind of information will we collect?
    • a. Mobile phone number
    • b. Name
    • c. Date of Birth
    • d. Marital Status
    • e. Anniversary Date
    • f. Children?
    • g. Address
    • h. Email address
  6. Can customer update his details later after registration?
    • a. Yes, customer can update his details at CineCare desk only. Customer details cannot be updated at the ticket counter or at the F&B counters
  7. What kind of benefits would a Club Cinepolis member get?
    • a. Club Cinepolis members become eligible to receive various promotions and offers from time to time
    • b. Cinepolis will also be making specific promotions to members based on their personal information gathered at the time of registration
    • c. Customers must regularly check our website and emails to get information on the latest offers and promotions running
  8. How can customers help Cinepolis keep track of their loyalty?
    • a. During purchases, customers can help Cinepolis keep track of their visits and purchases by providing their mobile phone numbers or Club Cinepolis cards at the Point of Sale (the ticket counter or the concession counter)
    • b. The purchase record will then be stored against the customer’s membership number and Cinepolis will be able to track how many times a customer has visited Cinepolis and how much has the customer spent at Cinepolis
    • c. Cinepolis will also award certain points to the customer for the purchases they make at Cinepolis
  9. Does customer receive points for all purchases?
    • a. Customer is eligible to receive points only for purchases made using cash or credit/debit cards. Cinepolis will not award any points against purchases made using vouchers, complimentary tickets, or any other method including Club Cinepolis points
  10. Can the customer use the points received for any promotion?
    • a. Club Cinepolis may run certain promotions that allow customers to exchange the points they have received against various products and services at Cinepolis. Customers will then be able to use these points to avail of the benefits offered in that promotion
    • b. Customers must check our website ( and email com munication regularly for the latest promotions running
  11. How can a customer use his points?
    • a. At ticket counter/F&B counters/CineCare desk,
    • i. Customer must provide his mobile phone number or Club Cinepolis card to the Cinepolis executive
    • ii. Cinepolis executive will carry out some basic verification of the customer. Customers are requested to cooperate in the process
    • iii. Once verification is done, customer will be able to use his points to participate in the promotion
  12. Can anyone else use a Club Cinepolis members points in a promotion?
    • a. No. Only the Club Cinepolis member can use the points he or she has received
  13. How long are the points valid for?
    • a. Points awarded on and after 1st of April of a year will be valid only till the 31st of March of the next year. They will lapse beyond that date.